EverTechnology Meeting Services can now deliver your conference session / message via the web as either a webcast (meaning a live session delivered to a unique real location) or as an archived on demand streamed media file.

The webcasting site can be public (available to anyone with an internet connection), private (by providing the web address and page only to authorized personnel) or fee based, depending upon your requirements.

The benefit for your conference is that you can now attract a large international audience, if you are sold out, you have an important announcement or release or use it as a way to attract prospective members. Sell access to users that would not attend in-person. Create unlimited sponsorship opportunities. 

Use live webcasting to deploy on-line presentations of your scientific processes, medical device demonstrations or medical procedures.

Use this service for training, internal communications, product releases and updates.

This application can be used for eLearning, training, certification, Webinars, distance learning and much more.

You can deliver the presentation at your convenience — your audience sees it at theirs.

Due to privacy reasons, if you would like to view a sample please contact Ed Van Maanen.ed@evertechnology.com

At EverTechnology we create online video or audio presentations that simulate the live experience. Our technology will empower you to deliver effective online communications quickly and easily.

EverTechnology’s synchronised presentations include:

– Recordings that can be viewed on the internet, either live or on-demand.
– A synchronised video/ audio of the presenter and their PowerPoint slides.
– Access to the presentations via a simple internet link, enabling viewers to access them on their own computer. On-demand presentations can be viewed via a link from a dedicated website.
– A “slide list” view, enabling navigation through the presentation. The video/audio jumps to the appropriate point of the presentation when a particular slide is chosen.

By using EverTechnology’s synchronised presentations you can:

– Expand your audience.
– Enhance your delegates’ experience.
– Enable delegates to view concurrent sessions.
– Review a precise record of the conference proceedings.
– Brand your presentations using logos and messages.
– Increase your revenue through sales to delegates and non-delegates, and through marketing opportunities with your sponsors.
– Create sample content to attract new delegates.

Please select here for sample (please allow a few seconds to load) : www.evertechnology.tv/MYSA2011

Publish content for mobile devices

Do you want your audience to use your recordings while they are on the move?

Evertechnology can publish your presentation in MPEG4 format so it can be played at any time and place on most mobile devices.

With our expertise your recordings will be readily available to your audience through the MPEG4 format with high-resolution slides and synchronised audio.

If you would like to save the file to your hard drive, right click over the file and select ‘save video as…’. Once on your hard drive import the file into your iTunes, connect the portable device and add the video. The file will play through your iPhone/iPod video section or through the video application on an iPad.

  • " Allow your users to take the recordings while they are on the move? Listen at their own convenience – take advantage of down time! Evertechnology can publish your presentation in MPEG4 format so it can be played at any time and place on most mobile devices. With our expertise your recordings will be readily available to your audience with high-resolution slides and synchronised audio.."

    Please select the icon to view sample or for further information, please contact EverTechnology.

  • Conference Recording Services

    Conference Recording Services  are provided as a delegate support service and it allows the delegate that extra chance to access the presentations.

    With so much quality information being delivered at conferences, delegates have expressed their frustration of not being able to attend every session of their choice or that it is too hard to keep up with the information being presented.

    Once delegates see that the conference is being recorded, many delegates relax and enjoy the conference a lot more knowing that they now have access to the conference presentations. Playing the recording in their environment allows the delegate to control the pace of the presentation, therefore getting the most out of what is presented.

    Why should I consider this service for my next conference?

  • – Why go to all the trouble of creating a quality conference and not record it – particularly when it can be for free.
    – The service can be structured in such a way as to generate income for the committee.
    – EverTechnology Meeting Services require very little organisational time from the committee.
    – EverTechnology Meeting Services have been recording conferences for 25 years.
    – Great value for sponsorship. Every time a user views the presentation they see the sponsors information, continuing to give extra value to the sponsor dollar.

    Why would it be good for my delegates?

  • – No need for delegates to be frantically taking notes trying to keep up with the speaker. Important points can be accurately noted in the quiet of their environment at their pace.
    – Delegates get the essentials of what is presented. Navigation within the program allows the delegate to quickly get to the relevant information.
    – Missed sessions can be a thing of the past, particularly when there are concurrent sessions in the program. Delegates often express a frustration of not being able to get to all the sessions they wish to attend.

    – All the hard work is completed. The PowerPoints are synchronized to the video or audio for ease of use. PowerPoints without audio can be misinterpreted. Video/audio with PowerPoint bring life to the slide.
    – Versatility of the product allow compatibility with Macs.
    – Questions and answers recorded.
    – The only software required is a browser.
    – The service offers delegates alternative options of viewing such as: video/audio synchronized to PowerPoint; MPEG4 for mobile devices; MP3 audio.

    For further information, please contact EverTechnology.

    Digital Audio Recording

    EverTechnology’s professional production crews are capable of recording more than 20 concurrent audio sessions at a single event. Our standard operations enable a single production engineer to record and monitor up to 12 sessions concurrently, saving you money on labour and ensuring the highest quality end product.
    Once we have captured your audio programs we offer numerous products for your customers, including Audio CD, MP3 CD, Podcasts, Streaming Audio.

    Slide Synchronization

    We offer a number of simple solutions to synchronise your speaker’s PowerPoint slides to both video and audio recordings.
    Slide synching is even available for live webcasts so attendees participating live online will have the same experience as those attending the presentation in person.

    On-Site Encoding

    EverTechnology can digitise and encode your audio or video programs on-site as they happen. At the end of each session, you can receive a Windows Media (or other format) file that can instantly be uploaded to your conference portal or other web site application. This is a great tool for reviewing content before it is published to your customers.

    Should your event require rapid distribution of content, our teams can be ready at your event to offer immediate on-site editing and full post-production services. You may like to consider some of the following examples of rapid distribution for your business:

    On-Site CD Duplication – We can offer fully printed, packaged, and ready to deliver Audio and MP3 CD options on-site for your customers. If you are concerned that customers may not order product they can’t see and touch, on-site duplication may be appropriate for you.

    Rapid Podcast MP3 Posting – Audio programs can be edited and made available on your conference portal within hours or even minutes after they conclude.
    Live Webcast – You can’t get faster distribution than “real time” live streaming from your event. See our webcasting page for more information about broadcasting live online.

    Rapid Streaming Video – When a live webcast isn’t available or desired,
    EverTechnology can edit video on-site for immediate upload and streaming shorlty after the conclusion of the recording.
    Have more creative ideas? Our Conference Multimedia Consultants are ready to assist you create a conference recording project plan for your event.

    For further information on any of the above services, please contact EverTechnology.

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