Capture the event

… the moment

… the message


  • Conferences, symposiums, lectures, sales demonstrations, product releases, presentations, workforce training, internal communication.
  • Capture information when and where it happens.


  • Live webcasting, web streaming, video, audio, PowerPoint, mobile applications, online hosting, DVD, CD and USB.
  • Maximise the impact of your knowledge with a variety of media designed to compliment your business.


  • Expand your reach. Communicate more effectively. Get your message to those who seek it – one to one, or one to many.
  • EverTechnology provides you with more efficient ways to reach your worldwide audience.

Discover how you can have our services for free?

Depending on the number of delegates and the number of concurrent sessions, you can have our services for FREE! We recoup our investment by selling the sessions to the delegates. The service could even be a revenue earner for the committee, once we pass a nominated sales figure! Contact us today to see if you are elegible.


Own the content:

Many associations /committees want the recordings for a number of purposes. These include creating an online library, using the material for CPD accreditation, communication to country members, revenue raising etc. EverTechnology record the event and hand the masters directly to you. Contact us if you would like a quote?


If you were a delegate wouldn’t you be happy to invest $20 and know everything is being recorded?

Contact us today to find out your investment to include the recording in your registration? As sponsors look to further their investment, sponsorship means that the sponsor is seen as long as the recordings are being used. Long after the close of conference, your sponsor will continue to benefit from exposure to their target market. The example is based on an average conference of 500 delegates held in Australia.