EverTechnology Meeting Services specialises in helping you get your message out there. We do this through providing the digital media services to record your message, to publish your message and finally to deliver your message.


  • Conferences, symposiums, lectures, sales demonstrations, product releases, presentations, workforce training, internal communication.
  • Capture information when and where it happens.


  • Live webcasting, web streaming, video, audio, PowerPoint, mobile applications, online hosting, DVD, CD and USB.
  • Maximise the impact of your knowledge with a variety of media designed to compliment your business.

  • Deliver

    • Expand your reach. Communicate more effectively. Get your message to those who seek it – one to one, or one to many.
    • EverTechnology provides you with more efficient ways to reach your worldwide audience.

    Jill Tayler

    Jill Tayler
    Scientific Liaison Manager,
    Ozdent DPA

    I am impressed with the winning combination of experience, exceptional customer service, reliability and the outcome of a high standard of professional products with a multitude of recording options.

    Roley Cook
    Australian Spinal Research Foundation

    Our dealings with EverTechnology have been personable and highly professional – the company is reliable and delivers a first class, high quality product, without fuss or drama.

    Lauren Rose
    Communications & Research,

    ‘Ed and his Evertechnology team have been FAN TAS TIC! … I appreciate your assistance to contribute to a rural and remote strategy that enabled our professional development opportunities to be accessible

    Offering Professional Recording Services To:

    Organising a conference is a major undertaking, and attracting quality speakers can be a difficult task. So, when you’ve done all that hard work why not record it to make the most of it?

    EverTechnology’s information capture and communication services are a valuable tool that can increase profit margins, improve delegate support and add value to your conference.

    For a tiny percentage of the registration fee EverTechnology can record and publish each session to a variety of media, creating another profit stream for conference organizers.

    Providing access to conference recordings also maximizes the investment benefits for delegates, extending the life of the information beyond the conference period.

    Depending on the size of your conference you may be eligible to have the recordings done for free. Save yourself thousands of dollars while providing a complete product for your delegates!

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    Record important seminars, guest lecturers and the national conference and publish it online to make sure that members who can’t attend don’t miss out.

    Increase public awareness by capturing important public announcements through live online broadcasting.

    Save money on member training with workforce development DVDs.

    Connecting with your members and providing timely and easy-to-access information is effortless with Ever Technology.

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    EverTechnology’s information capture and communication services have countless applications for business, making sharing your knowledge and ethos that much easier.

    EverTechnology’s solutions will expand the reach of your current business by making it available to more people, on demand.

    Increase attendance at important events such as Annual General Meetings with live webcasting. Save money by conducting employee orientation over the Net. Improve customer relations by providing detailed product tutorial CDs.

    It’s all possible with EverTechnology.

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    Forgetting to press the record button is every Audio Visual technician’s worst nightmare.

    EverTechnology integrates seamlessly with Audio Visual companies to supply high quality and efficient recording services, allowing you to focus on your core business.

    Our dedicated recording team will take the worry out of the equation to ensure that you are left with the recording that both you and your client deserve.

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    Become a one-stop-shop for your clients and provide the full package of services with the help of EverTechnology.

    We have supported hundreds of venues over the last 25 years and are highly experienced in providing comprehensive recording services for event venues and their clients.

    We understand and appreciate how important it is for you to have reliable suppliers and we make every effort to work according to your standards and requirements.

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