Volunteering in Dentistry… Dr Buuloc Lam, Dr David Digges


These two speakers will give a 12 minute presentation each on their personal explication of their volunteer experience.

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These two speakers will give a 12 minute presentation each on their personal explication of their volunteer experience – one from a domestic project and one from an overseas project, followed by a Q&A session. The session will be moderated by Dr Simon Shanahan.

Dr Buuloc Lam
CHAT a Vietnamese Based Project
This presentation hopes to provide a broad scope on the challenges faced and rewards gained by a volunteer dentist both overseas and in Australia.

Dr David Digges
National Dental Foundation
Dr Digges will discuss The National Dental Foundation (NDF) over the last 10 years since his involvement in the foundation. The NDF assists people around Australia to access dental treatment and acts as a coordinating and facilitating body for the volunteering activities of the dental profession. David will also outline how the NDF programs make it easy for any dentist to volunteer.

Dr Buuloc Lam
Following graduation, Buuloc (Loc) worked for the Queensland Government providing dental services for schools and communities across far North Queensland. As well as working in private practice, Loc has volunteered in Vietnam for several years, and more recently in Nepal, providing dental services to less fortunate people in regional and remote areas of those countries. Loc also visits a number of nursing homes in Canberra to provide dental care. more >

Dr David Digges
After graduating from Sydney University in 1981 with BDS, David joined his father Bryan’s practice in Bellevue Hill, where he continues to practice. He has a strong interest in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and general dentistry.
David is an active volunteer and has worked in East Timor for over 10 years. Since early 2006 he has worked in conjunction with The National Dental Foundation, a charity founded to facilitate the provision of pro bono dental treatment to disadvantaged Australians. As Federal and NSW State Chair, he has been instrumental in the Foundation’s growth.

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