31. Alveolar preservation in children after severe dental trauma… Prof Asgeir Sigurdsson


Friday 3rd May, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM, HALL C

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The most challenging sequel to dental trauma is loss of a permanent anterior tooth in a growing child. Fortunately, it is possible in some of those cases to close the gap by orthodontically. However, in number of patients this is not possible and then it becomes a priority to preserve the alveolar bone until the child is fully-grown and implant can be placed. This is because if the root is extracted in a young child there is a high risk of arrested vertical growth of the alveolus, making an implant placement at later time difficult. Recently it has been suggested that in some cases it is better to leave the root in place rather than extract it to preserve the bone and thereby preventing those complications.

Learning Outcomes:

To educate the clinician about complications associated with premature loss of tooth in a growing child.
To educate the clinician about possible treatment options teeth with guarded prognosis.
To educate the clinician about outcome assessments of decoration and/or root submersion

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