Beyond Five Stars: cyber security and social media risk management… Ms Sally Nicoll


Friday 3rd May, 4:50 PM – 5:35 PM, R6

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Dental practices are priority targets for cyber-criminals. Average data-breaches cost Australian businesses over $2million and 75 days to recover. Practice Managers play a critical role in understanding how social media advertising, email, personal mobile use and staff management/payroll Apps can compromise their practice’s reputation, patient information, employees and commercial data. Developing cyber-crime protection policies will assist Practice Managers avoid their clinic becoming the next headline.

At the completion of this lecture, delegates will
Have a better understanding of current cyber threats including:

How criminals use information from social media profiles, advertising and email to target dental practices

Why small to medium dental practices are a priority target of cyber-criminals; and

How to recognise if their practice or employees are being targeted

Better appreciate the dangers of third party appointment booking software and their responsibilities if using Practice Management (payroll/timesheet) Apps or allowing staff use of personal mobile phones and access to social media sites at work.

Learn about the role all employees play in maintaining cyber-security and the simple strategies Practice Managers can implement to defend their practice and reduce downtime, damage to their reputation and loss of patient confidence if an incident does occur.