Dental Trauma What to say at first contact… Prof Asgeir Sigurdsson


Saturday 4th May, 9:05 AM – 9:50 AM, R5

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For most dental injuries the time from the injury to treatment can differentiate between saving a tooth or losing it to complications. Therefore, the treatment rendered at the site of the injury can be critical for success. However, at the time of the first contact to a dental office the treating dentist might not be available or able to take the call thereby requiring the office nurses or assistants to respond. This presentation will review what could or should be advised for emergency treatment at the site of the accident with emphasis on how to communicate those recommendations in plain and understandable language to the lay person.

Learning Objectives:

To educate the participants about most common dental injuries

To educate the participants about what is the ideal treatment(s) at the site of the accident

To educate the participants how best to communicated those recommendations to layperson(s)

Upon completion, participants will:

Know which are the most common dental injuries

Know the possible emergency treatments that should be done at the site of the injury

Know how to effectively communicate with layperson about emergency dental treatments.

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