25. Late Complications and Edodontic Considerations after Dental Trauma… Prof Asgeir Sigurdsson


Friday 3rd May, 11:20 AM – 12:05 PM, HALL C

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Almost all dental luxation injuries and every avulsion will cause damages to the periodontal ligament, to which the inevitable sequel is varying degree of root resorption. Recently new treatment approaches have been suggested in the attempt to reduce or even prevent some root resorption types. In this lecture will give an overview of most common root resorption types and some detailed discussion will be given on which types of root resorptions is possible to prevent and/or treat. This discussion will include evaluation of risk/benefit of using calcium hydroxide in modern trauma dentistry.

Learning Outcomes:

To educate the clinician about different types of root resorptions.
To educate the clinician about treatment options for most common types of root resorptions.
To educate the clinician about latest thoughts about calcium hydroxide use in dental trauma.

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