4. Management of the polymerization shrinkage stress in posterior restorations: clinical attitudes, material selection and insertion techniques… Prof Alejandro Hepburn


Thursday 2nd May, 9:05 AM – 9:50 AM, HALL C

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Polymerization shrinkage stress in composite resin restorations is still considered one of the most critical variables that can negatively influence a successful result.

Some characteristics in a posterior restoration can increase the risks related to the polymerization shrinkage stress.

Those inconveniences should be identified and prevented by the clinician.

This presentation will offer recommendations to control this problem. Appropriated clinical attitudes, material selection and insertion techniques will be proposed.

Learning Outcomes:

Identify specific features in a posterior restoration with composite resins that may lead to inconveniences associated to the polymerization shrinkage stress.
Identify clinical evidences over the restorative material, adhesive interface and surrounding tissues related to the uncontrolled polymerization shrinkage stress.
Recognize different clinical attitudes to solve these drawbacks.
Select appropriated materials and insertion techniques to obtain successful results.

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