10. PFA Presentations… Dr Emilija Ports


Thursday 2nd May, 11:20 AM – 12:05 AM, HALL E

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11:50am – 12:05pm — Dental caries and periodontal disease experience in children with type 1 diabetes allitus
Presented by Dr Emilija Ports

There is evidence to support a two-way relationship with periodontitis and diabetes, however, there is limited research for type 1 diabetes in the paediatric population. Our research, in its preliminary stages, focused on children aged 8-18 years and found a relationship between type 1 diabetes and poorer periodontal health. Children with type 1 diabetes should be acknowledged as a specific group at risk of periodontal disease.

Learning Outcomes:

Discuss the current evidence for a relationship between periodontal disease and type 1 diabetes in children

Identify the early periodontal changes in children with type 1 diabetes

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