Topical Concurrent Session 1C – “ePPOC across epochs” Pain outcomes across the ages, and where to from here?


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“ePPOC across epochs” Pain outcomes across the ages, and where to from here?

Chair: Dr Jordan Wood, Sydney Children’s Hospital, NSW
This session will provide attendees with a 2017 update on pain epidemiology and clinical outcomes. This session will also address chronic pain as a public health problem. The expert speakers will argue we need to utilise data to maximise the effect of clinical intervention in people with pain – young and old.

Initial functional outcomes for paediatric and young adult pain patients following intervention are far superior to older people, but are these outcomes sustained? Do people just relapse back into chronic pain and dysfunction soon after they leave the pain clinic? Where should the pain dollar be best invested?

Professor Fiona Blyth will present pain epidemiological data and consider what we know, what is missing, and what we are likely to know soon.

Dr Hilarie Tardif will present the most recent pain intake and outcome data for different age groups from the electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration (ePPOC) project. She will discuss future strategies for ePPOC, including tracking patients within and across clinical services.

Finally, Dr Susie Lord will examine how these data might inform clinical triage and pain services planning. She will discuss priorities for future investment across the sector in order to reduce the growing public health problem of chronic pain.

A stimulating discussion is anticipated.

Professor Fiona Blyth, University of Sydney, NSW
Dr HIlarie Tardiff, University of Wollongong, NSW
Dr Susie Lord, John Hunter Children’s Hospital, NSW

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