Topical Concurrent Session 1E – Evolution of pain perception


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Evolution of pain perception

Chair: A/Professor Greg Neely, University of Sydney, NSW
Recent discoveries in the pain field and elsewhere have demonstrated the exquisite conservation of gene function over hundreds of millions of years of evolution, and across virtually all taxonomies in life. In this session we will focus on pain perception from an evolutionary perspective. Greg Neely will discuss the conserved genomic architecture of pain perception across phyla, and recent advances investigating neuropathic pain and central sensitization in invertebrates. Michael Costigan will discuss rodent selective breeding methods that allow us to screen mechanisms in chronic pain. In addition, the use of specifically engineered genetic organisms and how to collate experimental genetic evidence will be discussed. Glenn King will discuss exciting new developments using spider venom compounds that have evolved to target neuronal ion channels in both insect prey and vertebrate predators to better understand human pain perception in healthy and disease states, with a focus on Nav1.1 channels and mechanical pain. Following the presentations there will be a discussion between researchers and practitioners focused on how best to target pain genetics research to make an impact in the clinic.

A/Professor Greg Neely, University of Sydney, NSW
A/Professor Michael Costigan, Harvard University, USA
Professor Glenn King, Institute of Molecular Bioscience UQ, QLD

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