Pain in Childhood PM – Pre Conference Workshop


APS 2019 Pre-Conference Workshop: Pain In Childhood – PM Sessions

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Welcome to the Pain in Childhood pre-conference workshop.

The driving forces behind the day have been pragmatic and practical advice on managing paediatric patients and their families.

The morning is devoted to the often challenging and poorly understood issues of adolescent pelvic pain, what is the role of endometriosis and the under-recognized condition of vulval pain in adolescents.

There will be the opportunity to hear from an interventional proceduralist on the potential benefits of stimulators in the paediatric pain population.

Virtual reality is certainly topical but how do we translate the technology to clinical practice?

Can we learn from the approach of a sports psychologist when managing chronic pain?

Is there new genetics information to expand the diagnostic possibilities of peripheral pain presentations?

All this and more will be packed into a day of paediatric pain.

There will be the opportunity to continue the conversation into the evening as we have our paediatric group dinner.

The paediatric pain community is small but dedicated to the improvement of our patients lives. We welcome all who come to learn and be part of our group. There are no strangers, only friends that you have not yet met!

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