Free Paper Session 4 – Cranial and Cervical Pain; Focus on Migraine & Whiplash


Free Paper Session 4

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Dr Jo Dudeney, Macquarie University, NSW: Does one size fit all? Transdiagnostic psychological interventions for adults with headache conditions
Dr Noemi Meylakh, University Of Sydney, NSW: Investigating hypothalamic and brainstem pain circuitries in chronic migraine using ultra-high resolution magnetic resonance imaging
Dr Rutger de Zoete, The University Of Adelaide, SA: Aerobic versus strengthening exercise therapy for individuals with chronic whiplash associated disorder: A randomised multiple baseline single case experimental design study
Dr Carrie Ritchie, University Of Queensland, QLD: Habitual physical activity levels of individuals with chronic whiplash associated disorder compared with aged-matched healthy controls
Mrs Aimie Peek, University Of Sydney, NSW: Levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the anterior cingulate cortex increases as people’s symptoms of chronic migraine improve
Dr Jo Dudeney, Macquarie University, NSW: Are psychological interventions efficacious for adults with migraine? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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