Topical Concurrent Session 1B – New Opportunities: Maximising impact of the acute pain round


Topical Concurrent Session 1B

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The role of the traditional post-surgical inpatient acute pain round is rapidly evolving. This session reviews three highly topical areas – prehabilitation, transitional pain and a review of procedures to consider in this setting – and has three excellent speakers. There is increased awareness of the huge incidence of chronic pain in the hospitals, its enormous impact in terms of suffering, length of stay and cost, and growing interest in the role an expanded pain service can have in addressing all of these for both surgical and medical inpatients.

Professor Claire Ashton-James will review and explore prehabilitation, focusing on heart research and strategies to prepare people with chronic pain for upcoming surgical procedures. Dr Guy Buchanan from Victoria co-convened the excellent 2021 FPM/ANZCA ASM pain programme and will review key procedures to consider for the medical patient with poorly controlled chronic pain. Dr Michelle Harris is the state director of the APS from South Australia and also its representative for the FPM and will review one of her areas of interest – the rapidly expanding field of transitional pain services which is designed to intercept people on their pain journey.

Dr Claire Ashton-James, University of Sydney, NSW
Dr Guy Buchanan, Metro Pain, VIC
Dr Michelle Harris, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA

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