Topical Concurrent Session 2B – Mechanisms and management of osteoarthritis pain: Insights from studies using animal models of osteoarthritis


Topical Concurrent Session 2B

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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic condition of the joints and underlying bone characterized by swelling, stiffness and pain. While the focus on finding treatments for OA has been on stopping or slowing disease progression, we can make significant improvements to quality of life and economic burden by treating the underlying pain. Identifying new pain targets and translating them into treatments for OA pain is critical to improving quality of life for patients with OA.

In this topical session, presenters will share insights from studies that have used animal models to identify mechanisms of OA pain, and test different approaches to managing it. They will also contribute to a panel session that will discuss more broadly the strengths and limitations of using animal models to study OA pain.

A/Professor Jason Ivanusic, University Of Melbourne, VIC
A/Professor Wendy Imlach, Monash University, VIC
Dr Sanaa Zaki, University of Sydney, NSW

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