Topical Concurrent Session 2E – Diagnosis, management and lived experience of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Topical Concurrent Session 2E

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In recent years, research into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) has grown considerably, however, uncertainties surrounding its presentation, management and lived experience remain. Our recent research aims to resolve these ambiguities.

The challenges in treating CRPS are widely recognised. A broad range of pharmacological, physical and psychological treatments are used, and a multimodal approach is endorsed by clinical guidelines. Despite these recommendations, there are no interventions supported by high-quality evidence. Our research reviews the evidence for all interventions for CRPS to provide an updated framework for its management.

However, what CRPS patients think about treatments, advice and management has received remarkably little attention. These perspectives are of critical importance – as clinicians and researchers, we must prioritise patient perspectives and negotiate the tricky path between evidence for, and popularity of, different treatments. We have investigated what people with CRPS value in their treatments and the web-availability of information and advice about CRPS that is consistent with guidelines.

Our session will present an overview of all interventions for CRPS, outline a contemporary framework for its diagnosis and treatment, and explore the information people with CRPS can readily access and what they think is important in its management.

Michael Ferraro, Neuroscience Research Australia, NSW
Professor Eric Visser, University of Notre Dame Australia, WA
Emily Moore, University of South Australia, SA

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