Topical Concurrent Session 3E – Digital Health Interventions for Pain Management


Topical Concurrent Session 3E

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Digital health interventions and their applications in various medical conditions are rapidly evolving. From mobile text messaging to advanced artificial intelligence, digital health is revolutionizing healthcare methods and delivery. As fast as it is evolving, consumers and clinicians are facing important questions. What types of interventions are available? Are they effective AND safe? Do consumers engage with these types of interventions? Can we effectively communicate via a digital platform as would be done in person? In this session, we will discuss interesting and important topics about digital health interventions for pain management. We will review and discuss the available evidence on different types of interventions including text messaging and online treatments for pain, including studies done in Australia. We will talk about adherence, how to measure it and how to optimize it; the scalability of digital interventions and improving access to care; how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the usage of available interventions; consumer involvement and user experience; how prognosis is currently communicated in digital health and how this knowledge can be applied for pain management?

Dr Blake Dear, Macquarie University, NSW
Dr Tania Gardner, St Vincent’s Hospital, NSW
Dr Nigel Armfield, University of Queensland, QLD

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