Topical Concurrent Session 2E – Contemporary challenges in the provision of effective pain education


APSNZPS 2018: Topical Concurrent Session 2E

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Topical Concurrent Session 2E: Contemporary challenges in the provision of effective pain education
Chair: Dr Elizabeth Devonshire, University of Sydney, NSW

The provision of effective pain education across the spectrum of professional practice, from entry level through to specialist programs, is critical: not only from the perspective of the person in pain and the health professional, but also from institutional (quality/effectiveness of health care provision) and societal (prevalence/costs) viewpoints. The challenges arising for educators as a result are wide-ranging and difficult to tackle. For instance, the continuous growth in knowledge requires creative curriculum solutions to ensure pain education is adequately addressed, alongside equally important (yet often competing) demands. Complicating this issue is the shift to outcome-based and inter-professional education, attainment of professional competence, provision of flexible learning opportunities and valuable clinical experiences. Other challenges, for commercially funded and not-for-profit programs, are issues of lifelong learning, transfer of training, maintenance of professional competence, technological and professional advances, and evidence-based practice. In the Global Year of Excellence in Pain Education, this session reviews some educational responses to these challenges and considers what other strategies may be worthy of consideration.

Dr Carolyn Berryman, University of Adelaide, SA
Dr Simon Holliday, Hunter New England Local Health District, NSW
Dr Paul Wrigley, University of Sydney, NSW

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