S03 – Symposium: Contemporary Cataract Issues: Pause, Stop or Rewind?


Prof Charles McGhee; Dr Judy Ku; Dr Jay Meyer; Prof Gerard Sutton; Dr Sue Ormonde; Dr Matt Russell

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Topics and Speakers:
Case 1: Thick, thicker thickest: saving the endothelium in cataract surgery – Prof Charles McGhee
Case 2: Piling on the pressure: managing cataract and glaucoma – Dr Judy Ku
Case 3: The early surprise: capsular tears and rupture with nucleus elements in place – Dr Jay Meyer
Case 4: The ultimate dislocation: capsular bag, CTR and IOL in pseudoexfoliation – Prof Gerard Sutton
Case 5: Can it get more complicated: managing acute traumatic cataract – Dr Sue Ormonde
Case 6: It’s not over ‘til the nucleus sings: dealing with the dropping and dropped nucleus – Dr Matt Russell

49th Annual Scientific Congress of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

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