S14 – Best Research Paper Session: Save Sight Society NZ, ORIA and Professors Group presents cutting edge…


Dr Ilva Rupenthal; A/Prof Andrea Vincent; Dr Tiger Zhou; Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin; Prof Charles McGhee; Prof William Morgan;

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Topics and Speakers:
Save Sight Society NZ:
• A novel fusion peptide for specific retinal targeting – closing the
gap in AMD – Dr Ilva Rupenthal
• Elucidating the Genetic defect in North Carolina Macular
Dystrophy – a rare retinal disease – A/Prof Andrea Vincent
• Next-generation ocular tissue RNA expression reveals disease
candidate genes – Dr Tiger Zhou
• From hydrops to hypertension: a journey of the evil aqueous
– Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin
Professors Group:
• The Auckland Cataract Study II: reducing complications by
preoperative risk stratification and case allocation in a teaching
hospital – Prof Charles McGhee
• Long term results using cross-linked gelatin microfistulae (XEN) in
glaucoma drainage surgery – Prof William Morgan

49th Annual Scientific Congress of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

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