S27 – Symposium: Oculoplastics Practice – International perspectives


Prof Don O. Kikkawa; Dr Brian Sloan; Dr Charles Su; Dr Catherine Green AO; Dr Justin Mora; Dr Anthony Bennett Hall

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S27 – Symposium: Oculoplastics Practice – International
Co-sponsors: RANZCO International Development Committee
(IDC), Australia and New Zealand Society of Ophthalmic Plastic
Surgeons (ANZSOPS), Asia Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery (APSOPRS)
Convenors: Dr Brian Sloan and Dr Catherine Green AO
Chairs: Dr Anthony Bennett Hall and Dr Adam Gajdatsy
Topics and Speakers:
Part 1: Doing – update on common oculoplastic conditions
• Lacrimal and ptosis surgery: contextual differences in the developed
versus developing setting – Prof Don O. Kikkawa
• Lid malpositions: assessment, surgical techniques, resource
constraint – Dr Brian Sloan
Part 2: Teaching – making the most of clinical opportunities
• Teaching a surgical skill – Dr Charles Su
• Assessment of surgical competence – Dr Catherine Green AO
• How to give effective feedback and remediation of
underperformance – Dr Justin Mora
Part 3: Training – driving enduring change
• Opportunities for development: in-country vs external training, the
importance of effective partnerships, stakeholder engagement, the
role of telemedicine – Dr Anthony Bennett Hall
Questions and Discussion

49th Annual Scientific Congress of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

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