S34 – Course: Bugs and Drugs- What’s Your Poison?


Dr Matt Ball; Dr Jo Richards; Dr Claire Italiano; Clinical A/Prof Kurt Gebauer; A/Prof Tony Hall

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S34 – Course: Bugs and Drugs- What’s Your Poison? Update
on Antimicrobials, Ocular and Systemic Microbiomes, and
Related Infection and Inflammation: Current Resources for
Ophthalmologists, the Ocular and Gut Microbiome, Antimicrobial
Sensitivity and Resistance, Special Topics: Rosacea, Antivirals
Chairs: Dr Jo Richards and A/Prof Mei-Ling Tay Kearney
Topics and Speakers:
Driven by the microbiome – gut matters for the eye surgeon
– Dr Matt Ball
MicrobEYEome in health, infection and inflammation – Dr Jo Richards
What’s your poison? To treat or not to treat, when, with what and for
how long – Dr Claire Italiano
The Celtic Curse (Rosacea) – Clinical A/

49th Annual Scientific Congress of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

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