Split Session: The future of dental remineralising via restorations | Biomechanics and treatment of dentofacial deformity… Prof Michael Burrow, Dr Mithran Goonewardene


Discuss current research in biomaterials development. Identify the dentoalveolar compensatory mechanisms for skeletal jaw base problems.

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The future of dental remineralising via restorations
Presented by Prof Michael Burrow

As smaller cavities are prepared, demineralised tooth tissue remnants often remain beneath a restoration. Materials development is now aiming to remineralise mineral depleted tissue beneath restorations as well as around restoration margins. In addition topical agents such as silver diammine fluoride is aiding this remineralisation. The presentation will provide an update of current research in this field as well as the future prospects.

Learning Outcomes
• Discuss current research in biomaterials development
• Demonstrate how topical agents may assist remineralisation from restorations
• Illustrate how biomaterials may assist in reducing marginal demineralization on root surfaces

Biomechanics and treatment of dentofacial deformity
Presented by Dr Mithran Goonewardene

Severe skeletal malocclusions undergo compensatory eruptive mechanisms during growth that challenge the clinician when contemplating correcting the dental and skeletal problems. Extraordinary techniques are occasionally required to remove these compensations prior to or after surgery (surgery first). Dr Goonewardene will present a summary of biomechanical approaches to achieve optimal outcomes in orthognathic surgery.

Learning Outcomes
• Identify the dentoalveolar compensatory mechanisms for skeletal jaw base problems
• Know why these compensations need to be corrected to achieve an ideal surgical outcome
• Evaluate limitations in achieving ideal outcomes is some patients if growth modification is attempted in a severe skeletal problem.

Prof Michael Burrow
Recently returned to Hong Kong as Clinical Professor in Prosthodontics after being a R@MAP Professor and Chair of Biomaterials at the Melbourne Dental School, Michael is currently on the editorial boards of six international journals and has published over 200 refereed papers. Having lectured in Australia and internationally, he maintains research interests in adhesion of resin-based adhesives and GICs, clinical evaluation of biomaterials, and development of means to remineralise and treat root caries. more >

Dr Mithran Goonewardene
Mithran Goonewardene, who completed his graduate studies at the Forsyth Dental Center/Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, is the Head of Orthodontics and Graduate Program Director at The University of Western Australia, A full member of The Edward Angle Society of Orthodontists, he is certified by the Australian Orthodontic Board. Mithran regularly visits Sri Lanka as a visiting Consultant in Orthodontics in the Dental Institute, Colombo and participates in part-time private practice.

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