29. Changing the paradigm in anterior restorations: Composites vs Ceramics… Prof Eduardo Mahn


Friday 3rd May, 2:35 PM – 3:20 PM, HALL D

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During recent years, novel resin biomaterials and clinical techniques have appeared. Nevertheless, the process of making final restorations is still tedious and time consuming; demanding highly specific skills from the clinicians. The wide array of options and techniques does not make the decision of the clinician any easier.

The lecture will focus in a simplified direct philosophy called the 3 x 5 and will give the insights necessary to decide when better go direct or indirect. In addition it will prove the relevance of value and tooth form in modern dentistry.

Learning Outcomes:

The participants will learn the potential, advantages and disadvantages of direct composites

They will learn when ceramic restorations represent an advantage

They will learn the simplified 3 x 5 technique

They will learn the importance of value and the form and contours of the restorations

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