23. Complete dentures – The 7 secrets to great function and aesthetics … Dr Finlay Sutton


Friday 3rd May, 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM, HALL D

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This lecture will discuss the clinical steps used to maximise the stability and retention of complete dentures. Dr Sutton will demonstrate how he achieves prosthodontic privacy by restoring the oral architecture giving patients natural aesthetics. Covering impression making, prescribing the artificial tooth positions using dentate photographs and how to accurately record centric relation using gothic arch tracing. This lecture will also be of benefit to implant dentists for optimising tooth positions prior to fixture placement.

Learning Outcomes:

Learn how to maximise complete denture retention and stability

Have improved ability to make dentures look like beautiful natural teeth

Learn a reliable technique to record the jaw relations accurately using gothic arch tracing

Have improved patient outcomes with patients through enhanced clinical techniques and patient management

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