16. The face and tooth integration in modern dentistry – new insight… Prof Eduardo Mahn


Thursday 2nd May, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM, HALL D

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Traditional dentistry taught us about facial lines and landmarks in order to make the treatments more harmonic. Nevertheless new insights have arisen showing that harmony is achieved better by following natural imperfections than by forcing symmetry or average forms.
The lecture will show how to analyse dynamic smile patterns, how to choose the proper tooth forms and will propose a more organic method of analysing the face and the smile based on the newest publications.

Learning Outcomes:

The participants will learn about the importance of the dynamic smile in their treatments plans.

They will learn how to select tooth form

They will learn how to integrate digital tools in their traditional workflow.

They will learn how to integrate the natural asymmetries in their treatments in a more organic way.

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