Improving Denture Aesthetics and Function – Making dentures look like nautral, real teeth – Part B … Dr Finlay Sutton


Friday 3rd May, 2:35 PM – 3:20 PM, R8

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I will share the techniques I use to achieve predictable results with implant supported complete and partial dentures. This will be a distillation of 20 years experience showing solutions to the mistakes I have made with implant supported over-dentures. I will present the steps involved in planning, implant positioning, attachments, impression making, occlusal registration, tooth positioning and internal strengthening of the prostheses.

Learning Outcomes:

Learn how to use attachments such as Locators® in the best way.
Learn how to make dentures fit the implants and the supporting soft tissues properly.
Learn methods for optimising the aesthetics of implant supported dentures.
Have improved understanding of metal reinforcement to strengthen the dentures.

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