1. Diagnosis and emergency care of dental trauma… Prof Asgeir Sigurdsson


Thursday 2nd May, 8:05 AM – 9:00 AM, HALL C

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For most dental injuries the time from the injury to treatment can differentiate between saving a tooth or losing it to complications.
Therefore it is paramount for all dentists to have some understating on diagnosis and emergency treatment of the most common dental injuries. The first part of the lecture will give an overview of diagnostic procedures necessary in case of oral and dental trauma, including radiographic, facio-skeletal and oral evaluations. The second part will focus on most common treatment modalities for fractured crowns and roots, luxation and avulsion, with emphasis on the best initial or emergency response.

Learning Outcomes:

To educate the clinician necessary diagnostic protocol after most common dental injuries
To educate the clinician about urgency of treatment for most common dental injuries
To educate the clinician about most common treatment options for dental injuries

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