The Minimum Intervention philosophy and daily practice: indispensable ideas or unattainable theories?… Prof Matteo Basso


Friday 3rd May, 9:05 AM – 9:50 AM, R5

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The “minimum intervention” approach, with a correct diagnosis of the clinical needs and appropriate tailored therapies, became a fundamental, undiscussed and essential part of the daily practice of dental professionals. In fact, even the most modern therapy, without a precise maintenance program, biomimetic treatments and early diagnosis of risk factors, can be easily destined to failures and, sometimes, even to verbal and legal discussions with patients. Performing a better dentistry, with minimum intervention philosophy, is now an easy and reachable target.

The most up-to-date minimally invasive and biomimetic approaches will be presented in the fields of caries diagnosis, remineralization, preventive and therapeutic sealants, and antibacterial agents. The progresses of the European Minimum Intervention Advisory Board, of which presenter is founder and member, will be also discussed.

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