47. Is it really toothache? Odontogenic vs Non-Odontogenic pain… Prof Asgeir Sigurdsson


Saturday 4th May, 2:35 PM – 3:20 PM, HALL C

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A correct endodontic diagnosis is fundamental prior to any endodontic therapy. Over the years our understanding on benefits and shortcomings of the traditional “vitality” tensing methods has greatly improved. However when a patent presents to the dental clinic with chief complaint of facial pain that is not associated with a specific tooth our many traditional test will often fail us. This lecture will focus on facial pain that mimics toothache such that the patient beliefs the pain is coming from a tooth but actually it is caused by non-odontogenic diseases. The lecture will systemically review, with the aid of actual clinical cases, most common diseases that can cause this confusion and differential diagnostic techniques will be discussed for each.

Learning Outcomes:

To present an overview of most common sources of acute oral facial pain.
To present diagnostic approached and techniques in endodontics.
To present most common reasons for acute facial pain that can mimic pain of dental origin.

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