Privacy and Confidentiality considerations with dental record keeping… Mr Rhett Clayton


Friday 3rd May, 2:35 PM – 3:20 PM, R6

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Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of a patient’s health and other personal (such as billing) information is a fundamental requirement of all health professionals practicing in Australia. Not only is it the law, it’s also something patients have come to expect and demand from their health providers. This session will provide an overview of the privacy and confidentiality requirements all dental practices must adhere to as well as the mandatory notification requirements should a privacy breach occur.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this session, attendees will:

Understand the privacy and confidentiality obligations for dental practices
Be able to create and adhere to practice policies and processes which align with privacy and confidentiality requirements
Understand what they need to do if patient privacy is breached

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