Triage – how to assess priority levels of patient problems… Ms Andrea Felton


Saturday 4th May, 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM, R7

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In this talk we will identify what constitutes a dental emergency, how to assess its urgency and the timeframe needed to address it, where to schedule emergency appointments in the day, how to manage patient expectations of an emergency visit, ways to reduce the possibility of emergencies and ways to minimise the impact they have on the practice.

Learning Outcomes:

Define what a real dental emergency is.

Analyse the situation by asking the right questions so you can prepare the practice for the emergency.

Identify the timeframes within which dental emergencies need to be addressed.

Identify the best time in the day to deal with emergencies.

Measure and contain patient expectations of an emergency visit.

Design systems for the practice to deal with emergencies to help reduce the amount of stress they cause to the team and business.

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