Pharmacology in Pain Management (Pre-Conference Workshop)


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The pharmacology in pain management is increasingly becoming a worldwide challenge particularly in geriatric patients who represent a significant component of our daily clinical work.

Pain is often under diagnosed and under treated. It may be attributed to age-related physiological changes, and there may be misperceptions about the use of pain medications by both patients and clinicians. More importantly the lack of evidence-based clinical research on pain management in older adults is another important reasons pain in older adults is mismanaged.

International experts are involved in intensive research to address the various concerns with regard to treatment. The aim of the Pharmacology in Pain Management afternoon half-day workshop is to make a significant contribution to the optimisation of pain treatment by bringing experts together to discuss the latest scientific findings within the pain management clinical pharmacology field. Scientific, regulatory or strategy issues that are highly relevant to the optimisation of acute and chronic pain treatment will also be exchanged and discussed with particular focus on the elderly. Novel therapeutic concepts designed for the treatment of the elderly multimorbid patient (average age 75 years) with chronic pain will be discussed. This workshop will consist of invited lectures, abstract presentations and roundtable discussions. Time will be allocated to questions, answers and discussion in order to set up an intimate interactive workshop.

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