Topical Concurrent Session 1D – Neuromodulation: The science, the evidence and the application in multidisciplinary pain management


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Neuromodulation – The Science, The Evidence and the Application in Multidisciplinary Pain Management
Chair: Dr Matthew Green, Pain Medicine of South Australia, SA
Neuromodulation has been helping people suffering from chronic neuropathic pain for close to 50 years. As science and medicine work hand in hand to understand the mechanisms of pain, new advancements are driving improved clinical outcomes for a broadening array of people suffering from persistent pain conditions.

Over 90 minutes, the three presenters will show how basic science in combination with the latest RCT based clinical research is changing how Neuromodulation is integrated into multidisciplinary programs for persistent pain.

Looking at the latest developments in the cellular and molecular origins of hyper-nociception we aim to broaden the understanding of the mechanisms of persistent pain and the potential “targets” of newer interventional therapies. As this knowledge deepens it becomes increasingly important to define when and for whom Neuromodulation should be considered. The session will therefore explore how these interventional treatments (such as Radiofrequency ablation, Spinal Cord Stimulation and Dorsal Root Ganglion stimulation) are provided in the complex world of clinical practice. Following the presentation session, an expert panel including a Psychologist, Physiotherapist and Pain Practice Nurse will allow for the audience to interact with the multidisciplinary group.

Dr Matthew Green, Pain Medicine of South Australia, SA
Professor Mark Hutchison, ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, SA
Dr Mark Tadros, University of Queensland, QA

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