Topical Concurrent Session 3B – Pelvic pain in men


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Pelvic Pain in Men

Chair: Dr Susan Evans, Pelvic Pain SA, SA
This topical session will be an interactive, case-based opportunity to explore the diagnosis and management of Male Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP).

Male CPP is often under-diagnosed and poorly managed. Men are often diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis, but antibiotics fail to resolve their pain and they receive no further diagnosis or management. They usually have multiple sites of pain, are often desperate and have high levels of distress and suffering. It has been suggested that 90% of men diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis are suffering with CPP syndrome (Shoskes 2009). Using an algorithmic approach to phenotyping, 83% of these men respond to appropriate biopsychosocial management (Shoskes & Nickel 2013). We will discuss and debate the available algorithms to diagnose and manage CPP in men and the roles of different team members.

Dr Patricia Neumann, Pelvic Pain SA, SA
Dr Tonia Mezzini, Pelvic Pain SA, SA
Dr Meredith Craigie, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA

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