Topical Concurrent Session 3E – How to integrate current pain knowledge into clinical management of chronic pain


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How to integrate current pain knowledge into clinical management of chronic pain

Chair: A/Professor Julia Hush, Macquarie University
Recent reports, both internationally and in Australia, have identified that one major impediment to adequate pain relief is patients’ limited access to clinicians who are knowledgeable about pain, owing in part to the prevalence of outmoded or unscientific knowledge and attitudes about pain [1,2]. In response, a key recommendation of these reports is to educate health professionals to better understand pain and its causes. This topical symposium is designed to address this imperative, so that health professionals of any discipline can update their understanding of pain and learn how to integrate this into clinical management of patients with chronic pain.

The symposium team includes clinicians and researchers with an extensive background in pain education and clinical pain management, and will combine multidisciplinary pain expertise from medicine, psychology and physiotherapy perspectives.

Presentations will focus on the translation of current evidence into clinical practice. Case-based learning will be integrated to enable delegates to advance their knowledge and practical skills in the management of chronic pain.

A/Professor Julia Hush, Macquarie University, NSW
Professor Michael Nicholas, PMRI Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Dr Chris Hayes, Hunter Integrated Pain Service, NSW

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