Acute Pain Day PM – Pre Conference Workshop


APS 2022 Pre-Conference Workshop: Acute Pain Day – PM Sessions

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Join us in this broad-based workshop to suit all knowledge levels and a variety of specialist areas with a multi-disciplinary focus in the field of Acute Pain Management. The aim is to share information, evidence, and our experiences with a focus on a pragmatic approach to optimise our practice. Issues pertinent to today’s challenges will be presented with opportunities to discuss and propose solutions to our greatest problems. It will help update our core knowledge, as well as find ways to move forward in this constantly challenging and vital area of medical care.

Session 3 Chair: Ms Tammy Sheahan
1330 – 1355 Dr Ianthe Boden – No pain before gain? Impact of analgesia on early ambulation after major surgery
1355 – 1410 Ms Vanessa Bakker – The increasing role of psychological services in acute pain management
1410 – 1440 Ms Emma Kinman – Establishing an acute pain service. Governance, policies, and other tips
Session 4 Chair: Dr Luke Murtagh
1530 – 1610 Mr Peter Boyles – DORA and the Tasmanian experience
1610 – 1655 Panel Discussion
1655 – 1700 Dr Luke Murtagh – Closing comments

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