Free Paper Session 6 – Pain across the Lifespan


Free Paper Session 6

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Professor Jeffery Hughes, Curtin University, WA: PAINCHEK® Infant: Technology to make infant pain visible
A/Professor David Champion, Sydney Children`s Hospital, NSW: A history of iron deficiency is associated with primary and chronic pain disorders in children and adolescents, and in adults
Mr Michael Ferraro, Neuroscience Research Australia, SA: Implanted spinal neuromodulation interventions for chronic pain in adults
Mr Tom Su, University Of New South Wales, NSW: Ionic direct current-mediated peripheral neuromodulation as a potential therapy for chronic neuropathic pain
Mr Kevin Wernli, Curtin University, WA: The longitudinal relationship between movement, posture, and persistent, disabling low back pain. A replicated single-case design of 12 people
Dr Matthew Jones, UNSW Sydney, NSW: Effects of a single exercise session on pain intensity in adults with chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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