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Free Paper Session 2

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Professor Maree Smith, The University Of Queensland, QLD: Anti-allodynic efficacy of the small molecule somatostatin receptor subtype 4 agonist, J-2156, in a rat model of painful diabetic neuropathy
Miss Marissa Sgro, Monash University, VIC: Gut microbiome depletion and repetitive mild traumatic brain injury differentially alter pain sensitivity in adolescent and adult rats
Ms Sabrina Salberg, Monash University, VIC: The impact of early life adversity on the chronicity of pain, inflammation, and microglia in the adolescent brain
Dr Flavia Di Pietro, Curtin University, WA: An investigation of tactile acuity in acute experimental limb pain
Mr Lewis Crawford, The University Of Sydney, NSW: Distinct cortico-midbrain connectivity patterns mediate placebo responsivity in healthy humans
Dr Nathan Fiore, University Of New South Wales, NSW: Interleukin-35 relieves mechanical pain via inhibiting microglial activation following nerve injury

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