Topical Concurrent Session 2B – Driving reform in best practice musculoskeletal pain management


APSNZPS 2018: Topical Concurrent Session 2B

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Topical Concurrent Session 2B: Driving reform in best practice musculoskeletal pain management: promoting optimal care and reducing unnecessary care
Chair: A/Professor Helen Slater, Curtin University, WA

Managing musculoskeletal pain can be challenging at a health systems level, at a service delivery level, at a clinical level and for the consumer experiencing pain. Given this complexity, providing person-centred care and responding to the burden associated with musculoskeletal pain in an efficient, effective and sustainable way, requires reform reaching across policy and into clinical practice. In this workshop, presenters will address evidence on the ways in which reform initiatives can reach across health systems, service delivery and clinical practice to support improved musculoskeletal pain management. Speakers will describe initiatives to encourage less unnecessary care and to strengthen system-level support for sustainable best practice pain care and outcomes.

A/Professor Andrew Briggs, Curtin University, WA
Professor Michael Nicholas, University of Sydney, NSW
Professor Peter O’Sullivan, Curtin University, WA

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