Topical Concurrent Session 2C – Occupational Therapy and pain: New opportunities and future directions


APSNZPS 2018: Topical Concurrent Session 2C

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Topical Concurrent Session 2C: Occupational Therapy and pain: New opportunities and future directions
Chair: Mr Michael Deen, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, QLD

This topical session will showcase various opportunities to improve functioning from an Occupational Therapy perspective. Dr Bronwyn Thompson will discuss Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approaches to living with persistent pain that have been found to improve functioning. Dr Thompson will present support for Occupational Therapy application of ACT, with a particular focus on early outcomes from an ACT-based group programme.

Dr Nicole Andrews will present the results of a recent pilot study that involved the development and clinical implementation of a mobile health platform that remotely monitors, integrates, and analyses objective activity data, pain intensity ratings, and daily activity participation data. The clinical treatment protocol used will be described, the effectiveness of the mobile health platform and activity pacing will be discussed, and the implications for the future of Occupational Therapy treatment for individuals with persistent pain will be considered.

Ms Cate Sinclair will discuss the dynamic interactions between neurobiological processes, social relationships, and environmental circumstances that contribute to the capacity of children and adolescents with persistent pain to perform daily tasks. Ms Sinclair will present evidence supporting the associations between these factors and disability, and treatment approaches that support the development of adaptive functioning within family and school contexts. The topical session will conclude with a forum for a discussion regarding future directions for Occupational Therapy and pain.

Dr Bronwyn Thompson, University of Otago, Christchurch NZ
Dr Nicole Andrews, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, QLD
Ms Cate Sinclair, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, VIC

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