Jumpstart Session 3: Powerful Practices International, Sam Parker, Angus Pyke


Powerful Practices International – The Value Of A New Client
Sam Parker – Excellence Is Up To You
Angus Pyke – Is Marketing A Dirty Word?

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The Value Of A New Client

Powerful practices will explore the most important aspects to have an impactful and effective new client visit. These are the keys to getting maximum rapport, powerful connection and client centred outcomes.

Powerful Practices International With the mission to empower clients to reach their personal and professional goals, Powerful Practices passionately support, challenge, and inspiring their clients through personalised coaching and training.

Excellence Is Up To You

No one else can take responsibility for you and the way you live your life. That’s entirely up to you! And ultimately, excellence for the whole Chiropractic profession is also up to you! Dr Parker will draw on his own personal experience and that of his clients to provide three simple and practical take homes for everyone to unearth, act upon and extend their own level of excellence.

Sam Parker graduated RMIT University in 2013. Sam has first hand and very recent experience in ‘adjusting’ to life after Uni, adapting and evolving through the transition from student to Chiropractor; and the ups and downs of being an associate. Sam is a coach with Quest Chiropractic coaching, mentoring and coaching Chiropractic students and new graduates. Sam, also has a podcast where he interviews people from all walks of life who unleash their inner superstar. Sam is passionate about everyone- students, Chiropractor’s, CA’s- unleashing their inner superstar on the world!

Is Marketing A Dirty Word?

Marketing is one essential pillars of a successful, enjoyable and stress free chiropractic practice. Ignore it at your peril!

In his presentation Angus will walk you through a no nonsense approach to help you predictably attract the kind of patients that you love working with.

Angus Pyke was been awarded both the Victorian and Australian Chiropractor of the year for his tireless work in the advancement of Chiropractic. He lectures on communication and Chiropractic philosophy and has been a past president of his State Association. Having run one of the busiest Chiropractic centres in Australia over the past 15 years, Angus now spends much of his time as a sort after speaker and health coach. His humour, compassion and simple message has helped to empower thousands to make change and live a more passionate, healthy and fulfilling life.

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