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Danielle Fairbrother – Achieving Excellent Results With Nutrition

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Achieving Excellent Results With Nutrition

We all know that chiropratic is an effective means to correct a host of physiological dysfunction. However, could nutritional deficiencies be hampering our efforts? Would a treatment plan be even more effective if supported with evidence-based natural medicines? Natural medicine can help to minimise inflammation, stress and pain signalling so your patient feels better sooner and for longer. This session will explore the science behind some core natural medicine solutions to assist with a diverse range of common clinical presentations so you can improve patient outcomes, build your toolkit, and your business.

Dr Danielle Fairbrother is a Naturopath who has been working to support Metagenics Practitioners through education and technical support for the last seven years. She currently oversees the Health World Technical Education and Technical Support team, leading her team to develop and deliver high quality education and provide evidence-based Naturopathic technical support to Natural Healthcare Practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand. She possesses significant industry experience in clinical and technical support roles, and has a strong background in writing technical education materials and delivering Naturopathic training programs. Danielle has a relaxed and entertaining presentation style, translating scientific research into practical clinical strategies to help Practitioners achieve successful clinical outcomes.

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