Topical Concurrent Session 3A – Is pain self-management your first choice or last resort?


APSNZPS 2018: Topical Concurrent Session 3A

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Topical Concurrent Session 3A: Is pain self-management your first choice or last resort?
Chair: Ms Fiona Hodson, Hunter Integrated Pain Service, NSW

Many healthcare professionals struggle to promote educational pain self-manage within a timed based appointment. Keeping patients in the driving seat, by introducing them to self-management at an early stage can avoid, unnecessary visits to the GP/Hospital and medication usage. Self-management is also a core component of chronic condition management and central to best practice care, so health professional need to be confident advocating its use and knowing not just the evidence but how to apply it effectively.

During this topical session Mr Peter Moore, Dr Bronwyn Thompson and A/Professor Helen Slater and will share simple ideas with participants on how to:
Introduce pain self-management earlier in the patient’s journey and promote educational pain self management in timed based appointments
* Provide a simple structured “menu” approach for patients to identify their most important concerns
* Plan for, and manage, flare-ups without undermining self-management efforts
* Know when and how to use the skills of allied health to support self-management
* Optimize adherence to self-management through the use of different modes and supporting resources
* Manage challenging patients with co and multi-morbidities

Mr Peter Moore, Pain Toolkit, UK
Dr Bronwyn Thompson, University of Otago, Christchurch NZ
A/Professor Helen Slater, Curtin University, WA

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