Session 12: Leanne Meyza & Panel: Kate Rudd & Berni Ireland; Doug Herron


Leanne Meyza – Team Excellence: CA Panel
Doug Herron – CA’s “R” Advocates Too

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CA Panel

This session will give CA’s real tangible answers and information in relation to their own questions and concerns, will enable them to implement the knowledge they gain and put into practice within their own practices and personal lives. Each delegate will have the opportunity to take home real answers to challenges from experienced CA’s encouraging them to succeed.

Leanne Meyza – Working as a Chiropractic Assistant Leanne enjoys the satisfaction of seeing clients benefiting and succeeding from the care they receive. Leanne is a member of the C Triple A and finds it rewarding and humbling experience to be a part of this community. She continuously inspired by her team members and their commitment to the growth and support of Chiropractic.

Berni Ireland has an infectious Zest for life! She is powered by her passion for Chiropractic that has escalated over her 25 years plus as a Chiropractic Assistant. Berni is a Mentor and Coach for Powerful Practices International. The remarkable results that Berni Ireland achieves for her clients come from her “a good friend by your side approach”. In other words, her advice is easy to understand, easy to implement and, most importantly, is always there when needed.

Judith Evans is an experienced CA. She has seen many people build better relationships, get promotions in their field of work, grow their business beyond their goals and reach personal milestones they once thought not possible. Her philosophy is, that each of us is magnificent and deserves to reflect and recognise it, hence the pleasure she gets from witnessing clients enhance their lives to enable them to live successfully in the now and further build on their awesome future.

Kate Rudd is a women who is passionate about chiropractic and passionate about life. Married to a chiropractor for 17 years, she balances being a mother of 3 boys, an Office Manager in a busy Perth practice and a CA Trainer. A former Sales Manager of a department store, Kate has brought her corporate management experience to chiropractic, continuing to grow herself and her skills as a qualified business and life coach which benefits all aspects of her life.

Dr Doug Herron describes himself as a full time Disciple of Christ, temporarily working as a part time Chiropractor, business coach, mentor and community volunteer. Play time consists of reading, cycling, ballroom dancing with Deena and watching documentaries & sport.

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