Session 5: Nimrod Weiner & Panel, Craig Foote, Brinsley Lane, Carolyn Griffin


Nimrod Weiner & Panel – Setting a Research Agenda for Chiropractic
Craig Foote – Foundation Presentation
Brinsley Lane – Comedy Break
Carolyn Griffin – Bridge The Gap

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Setting a Research Agenda for Chiropractic

This session is designed to help doctors maintain competence in practice, to further develop professionally, and importantly improve the quality of health care they provide. It has a specific focus of presenting a research agenda that particularly enhances evidence-based clinical practice, contributing to the development of both clinical competencies and clinical practice. An appropriate research agenda is one that will contribute to minimising risk as well as improving patient safety and health outcomes. A variety of presenters will give a balanced view of the application of science and research to chiropractic during this presentation.

Dr Nimrod Weiner is passionate about the potential chiropractic has to impact the health and life of every person and the World at large, viewing chiropractic as the social driver that will shift people in to a new paradigm of living, reaching their greatest human potential. He is dedicated to ensuring that chiropractors have greater confidence, certainty and credibility in chiropractic, in a way that is congruent with the philosophy of chiropractic, manifesting through its paradigm, science, practice, communication and politics. Nimrod is a board member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and practices in Sydney.

Comedy Break

Get ready to laugh and look at the lighter side of this profession will all love so much! We can take ourselves so seriously sometimes, so much so, that at times we lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Dr Brinsley Lane has more than 23 years experience in our profession. He introduced chiropractic to the Solomon Islands and is forever looking at the funny side of life.

Bridge The Gap

To bring chiropractic to the world, we have to make a change. We need to learn to accept each other’s differences and know that we are all here for one reason, and that’s the future of Chiropractic. We will explore why Chiropractor’s see less than 5% of the population and learn a process of how to INFLUENCE the general public with impact. Dr Griffin will show how to bridge the gap from your office to your community.

Dr Carolyn Griffin has trained with some of the best leaders in our profession and now motivates and inspires the next generation of Chiropractors. She has created a platform to bring together like-minded women on the same health conscious mission. Providing tools to improve from the inside out, creating a positive ripple effect into all aspects of life. Dr Carolyn graduated on the Dean’s List from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and now runs her practice in Los Angeles. With over 20 years experience in practice, Dr Carolyn has trained with some of the best leaders in our profession and is sought after to speak in order to motivate and inspire the next generation of Chiropractors.

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