Session 8: Ari Diskin, Scott Vatcher


Ari Diskin – Contextual Healing
Scott Vatcher – If You Want Something Done, Give It To A Busy Person

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Contextual Healing

To be effective Chiropractors, we need to master more than just excellent adjusting skills. There are many obvious other proficiencies, such as assessments, communication and business administration, just to name a few. How complete is all this ‘stuff’ and all this ‘doing’, without your why, your philosophy, your guiding principles and behaviours, underpinning it all? ‘Contextual Healing’ is about how your philosophy sets the scene for optimal healing experiences, delivered through four sub-contexts leading toward fulfilled everyday clinical practice and living.

Dr Ari Diskin is an Australian born, second generation Chiropractor, being one of five Diskin Chiropractors. Ari’s passion is having the privilege to positively influence peoples’ lives. Ari’s chiropractic practice is education centric, providing a full program of further learning opportunities for his clients and community. Ari is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West and has a degree in Business Management. Ari has held various state and national leadership roles including CAA Victoria Director, CAA Council of Representatives and member of the Clinical Advisory Panel for the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Internationally Ari has been active in various roles, working with political and educational leaders to encourage the advancement and momentum for Chiropractic’s future. Ari has been recognised with multiple state, national and international awards, including Chiropractor of the year 3 times for service to the profession and community.

If You Want Something Done, Give It To A Busy Person

We all have the same length of time in any given day, week, month. We all have the same basic needs of eating and sleeping. How is it that some of us just get more done? Building excellence, in essence, is about doing what others are not willing to do. In this session, Dr Vatcher will help you understand its in you to have excellence, if you are willing to hustle for it.

Dr Scott Vatcher has been in the Chiropractic profession for 17 years as a student, teacher, mentor, lecturer, podcaster, author and international guest speaker. His unique approach to Chiropractic practice and wellness education has served thousands of clients towards better health and vitality. Dr Scott’s practice is called L.I.F.E. Chiropractic, which reflects his intention for his clients. L.I.F.E. stands for Living In Full Expression, which is what Dr. Scott strives to achieve for each and every client he encounters. Dr Scott has been published in the prestigious magazine Men’s Fitness over a dozen times. His articles have helped thousands of people live a healthier lifestyle. More recently he has teamed up with Dr Trent Headlam to co-found a number of projects including: the RAW Chiro seminar, the RAW Chiro podcast, the EPIC Healthstyle wellness program and the EPIC DOCS coaching program.

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